How to book

We accept reservations online through homepage and by phone.

Reservation in 3 days prior to your course date are not open online.

Please call us if you would like to make reservations in 3 days prior to your cruise date.

Gojiraiwa Kanko【Utoro】TEL +81-15224-3060

Fares / Schedule

Cource (Schedule) Adults 6-12yo Childen Children Under 6yo
Course Shiretoko Cape
(Golden Week、6/1~10/14)
8,800 JPY 4,400 JPY FREE
Course Rusha
(Golden Week、6/1~10/31)
6,000 JPY 3,000 JPY FREE
Course Mt.Iou
3,500 JPY 1,750 JPY FREE

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Please choose the date and course.

We only accept online reservations 3 days prior to taking cruise.
※Please ensure the avaiabilities before making reservations.

Please notice that

※Extra services are upon request online or by phone.

※Extra services are upon request by phone.
Depending on the sunset time, the last tour departure time (15:30) varies with season.
※September 15th-25th> 15:15 departure

※Extra services are upon request by phone.
Depending on the sunset time, the last tour departure time (16:30) varies with season.
※Sept. 15th-24th > 16:15 departure / Sept. 25th - Oct. 2nd > 16:15 departure / Oct. 3rd-15th > 15:15 departure

Number of Participants

13y up 6 - 12y 0 - 6y
person(s) person(s) person(s)

Please fill in this form as a contact person if you have multiple participants.

*Please do not enter Japanese phone emails in case mails are missing .

*Just in case, please leave the phone number that we can reach you on your cruise day.

Which hotel you stay the day before taking cruise?
Check if you need a parking lot for a van or camper van.
Other Feedback


Please answer following questions about winter activities in Shiretoko.

I've participated in Drift Ice Walk.
I've taken the winter Nemuro Strait Cruises.

Notifications of Reservation

Important! Please read the notifications carefully.

Notifications of Reservation

①We accept multiple participants per reservation.
Please reconfirm the reservation details to us on the day before your cruise.
Please contact us at <0152-24-3060> or email us before the cruise date.
Your reservation might be canceled if we did not receive your reconfirmation by email or phone by 8pm the day before your cruise date.

② Tickets are also available at our office. However, very few guest could board without reservation in advance during busy seasons i.e. July and August.

No cancellation fees or extra charges for re-scheduling. Reservations are recommended.
Please inform us if you would like to cancel your tour before the cruise date.

①Early reservations means early boarding. Exceptions are the priority boardings for the aged, the physically handicapped and the pregnant. Please let us know before boarding.

②About boarding on rainy days

People that have reserved first will be boarding first.You can choose any seats and move anytime on the boat.
Cabin seats are preferred on the rainy days. However, passengers that booked late might be seated with no shelters, such as deck(with roof) at 1st floor, and deck (with simple tent) at 2nd floor.
※Open-air deck is at 2nd floor (with simple tent)
The simple tent at 2nd floor might not be used depending on the strong wind or bad weather.

Booking calendar status 「△」means a later boarding and outdoor seats on rainy days.

Your preference for cancellation on rainy days is important to us.

Leisure activities in Shiretoko in general depends on the weather.
Cruises are no exception. Strong winds or heavy rain might arouse splashes and wet your belongings.
Waterproof outfits and gears are recommended especially when the weather could go bad.
Raincoats are available for rent at 200 yen per piece.

Check out the boats here.
Kamuiwakka No.55 Max of 55 persons (30 indoor seats)
Kamuiwakka No.88 Max of 82 persons (45 indoor seats)

Button will show up when you finish all the must items. The reservation is not sent yet.

We accept the following payment methods.