* What do you want to see in SHIRETOKO? *

1. Please choose the cruise / activity type.


A: UTORO Cruise: Kamuiwakka Cruising (Shiretoko Peninsula)

mid-April to mid-November

Course Departure Time Adult Child Kids
Mt.Iou Course
(For about 1 hour)
08:15 / 11:00
14:15 / *16:30
(9:30/13:15/15:30 are for special boats when it’s crowded.)
*16:30 are for changes in time to 16:15 in 16th SEP.
3300YEN 1650YEN FREE
Brown Bear Course
(For about 2 hours)
(8:30am~:4/29~5/7, 6/1~10/31 15:30pm~:4/29~5/7, 6/1~9/25)
08:30 / *15:30
*15:30 are for changes in time to 15:15 from SEP 16th.
5500YEN 2750YEN FREE
Shiretoko Cape Course
(For about 3 hours)
(4/29~5/7, 6/1~10/9)
09:30 / 13:15 8000YEN 4000YEN FREE
BOOKING : kct.shiretoko@gmail.com
51 Utoro higashi , Shari-cho , Shari-gun , Hokkaido , 099-4355 , JAPAN
TEL.+81-152-24-3060 / FAX.+81-152-24-3061

B: RAUSU Cruise: Whale & Sea Birds Watching Cruising

May to mid-October

Course Departure Time Adult Child Kids
Whale & Sea Birds Watching
(for about 2.5 hour)
09:00 / 13:00 8000YEN 4000YEN FREE
BOOKING : kct.whale@gmail.com
30-2 Honcho , Rausu-cho , Menashi-gun , Hokkaido , 086-1833 , JAPAN
TEL.+81-153-85-7575 / FAX.+81-153-85-7576


C: UTORO activity: Drift Ice Walking Tour

>>Booking Reservation Form

last January to last March ( *It depends on the ice condition.)

Course Departure Time Adult Child
Drift Ice Walking Tour
(Preparation Time: for20~30min.
+Walking Tour: for about 1 hour)
10:00 / 13:30
5000YEN 2500YEN
*Eligible applicant requirements is that the heights over 130cm.
BOOKING : drift.ice.shiretoko@gmail.com
51 Utoro higashi , Shari-cho , Shari-gun , Hokkaido , 099-4355 , JAPAN
TEL.+81-152-24-3231 / FAX.+81-152-24-3061

D: RAUSU Cruise: The Winter Drift Ice Cruising

February 1st to March 5th for EAGLE ( *It depends on the ice condition.)
March 16th to 31st for SEAL ( *It depends on the ice condition.)

Course Departure Time Adult Child
Photographing Course
1.Sunrise Course
2.Standard Course
(*for about 2.5 hour)

About AM5:00
About AM9:00
10000YEN 5000YEN
Bird Watching Course
(Non SLR-camera)
(*For about 2.5 hours)
About AM5:00
About AM9:00
7000YEN 3500YEN
Sightseeing Course
(*For about 1 hours)
About 09:00
About 13:00
4000YEN 2000YEN
*Arrival time (back to the port) may be slightly delayed depending on the locations of drift ice.
BOOKING : kct.shiretoko@gmail.com
74 Kaigan-cho , Rausu-cho , Menashi-gun , Hokkaido , 086-1815 , JAPAN
TEL.+81-153-89-2036 / FAX.+81-153-89-2077

2. Please Book The Tour in Advance by each e-mail

Please fill all needed information down below, and then send to us.
We’ll send you the answer or confirmation mail soon.

1. Cruise/activity type (A~D)
2. The booking date
3. Departure time
4. Your full name
5. Your address (including your country)
6. Your phone number (that we can contact to you)
7. Total number of the passengers (how many adult / child / kids are)
*Adult: over 12 years old / child: from 6 to 12 years old / kids: less than 6 years old
8. Your accommodation on pre-booking date in Japan (hotel and place)
(*We might contact to you about your cruising/activity.)
9. 中文預約請直接寄信至 gojira.staff@gmail.com (負責人:藍小姐)

* Cancellation due poor sea/weather condition, or, less the minimum needed passengers on the day.

3.Have fun!!!

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* Wild Animal in RAUSU *

Sperm whale            
Killer whale  
Baird's beaked whale      
Minke whale        
Dall’s porpoise      
Pacific white sided dolphine                    
Short-tailed Shearwater          
Fulmar Northern Fulmar          
Pomarine Skua          
Brünnich's Guillemot            
Steller's sea eagle              
White-tailed eagle    
Spotted Seal              
Ribbon Seal                    
Steller's sea lion            
Northern fur seal