3 Major Attractions to Explore Nemuro Strait in Winter

POINT1 Photo Shooting Course | 5:00 A.M.

Hunting the Beautiful Sunrise in Rosy Dawn

Nemuro Strait separates the Kunashir Island (Russia) from the Shiretoko Peninsula (Japan). In Ainu language, Rausu - the east coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula - also means the East. In winter, when the sun rises, rosy dawn shines on the drift ice makes Rausu a must-see, with or without wild animals. In beautiful days, we can also enjoy the view of Kunashir Island, which means dark island in Ainu language, because it is usually hidden behind clouds and mist. Sailing on the Nemuro Strait with beautiful sunrise and mountains in the background is an amazing experience you won’t forget!

POINT2 Photo Shooting Course | 5:00 A.M.

Your Eagle-watching Adventure Begins from Rausu

In winter, eagles will fly to Rausu to spend the season. On record, there was once up to 4,000 of them. With the rising sun, eagles catching fishes alongside the drift ice makes it a fantistic view for photo shooting.

Depending on the weather, the ice and the trace of seabirds may change from time to time. And that makes it rare to capture Kunashiri Island, drift ice, eagles, and sunrise all in one picture. This course gives you the chance of observing the birds and beautiful surroundings. Come join us soon!

POINT3 Sightseeing Course | 9:00 A.M./3:00 P.M.

Incredible Peace from the Boundless Mirror-liked Sea

"In Rausu, the sea is relatively peaceful because of the drift ice. Sailing on the sea, you will be able to view the reflection of the sky and surrounding mountains from the Shiretoko Peninsula. Enjoying the views on the ship with easy breezy will bring you unprecedented calm. This is an unforgettable journey you don't want to miss in your lifetime."